About Brandon

Brandon Drucker began his artistic journey as a nonverbal  child at three years old.  It was a confusing world unable to communicate his desires, wants and needs. He turned to drawing with colored pencils to describe his daily life frustrations. His verbal and communication skills slowly evolved  throughout the years. His written skills are chronicled in his self-published graphic novels and life story written as a teenager. 

Brandons' unique Naif style is a favorite among collectors who enjoy his Outsider-art style. Some of the publications and media that has his art and story has been  featured on are the  Boynton Beach Calendar (2018) ,  "Inoculations" on the Autism Channel (Roku), Impact on Autism (2014) aired on WPB-TV, and a music composition/documentary "All Without Words" (2021) by Justin Morell composer.

His signature series , the "Combo Cities"  began as a means of comparing the similarities and differences of various cities and places of interest around the world. He enjoys discovering new worlds and languages via web search and incorporates what he has discovered in his artwork.  As a prolific artist, his enthusiasm also flows over into his desire to learn and invent new languages.  As a self-taught learner of the Spanish language, it has helped him to be accepted in the Hispanic community.

Despite his challenges that are a manifestation of many individuals who are diagnosed with autism, his relentless drive to accomplish many diverse goals is often successful. 

Brandons personal life was featured in a special segment of autism life in the National Geographic Magazine April 2020 issue. 

He is one of the Founding Members and inspiration behind Artists with Autism Inc ,  a nonprofit organization to help promote the diverse contributions and talents of artists who identify with autism and has helped  pave the way for many young aspiring ARTrepreneurs. 

His art can be purchased in reprints and gifts at his virtual print-on-demand website .

"Do your own thing, be inspired, and make it interesting" - Brandon